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Cableless technology

Wireless Technology

Cableless recording technology is an important part of our land seismic acquisition offer. With access to the latest Sercel equipment, we can take full advantage of the versatility of cableless recording to reduce environmental footprint and HSE exposure and maximize coverage and efficiency for your survey.

 Extensive recent experience in a range of environments utilizing UNITE and WTU-508 nodes
    Flexible crews able to use cableless and hybrid mixed spreads to achieve the best results within the constraints of the environment and terrain
    Ability to support dynamite, vibroseis, airgun or mixed-mode operations
    No ‘shooting blind’ with real-time or remote data harvesting for excellent infield quality control
    Capacity to provide one merged dataset from mixed cable and cableless surveys
    Continuously recorded data supports high-productivity vibroseis strategies such as Unconstrained Blended Acquisition, microseismic and environmental monitoring

Extensive experience in cableless acquisitions deploying Sercel Unite and WTU-508 in Angola, France, Papua New Guinea, Tunisia, Thailand, Greece, Germany, Italy, Brazil, ...
Combined with our field technical experience, it allows us to achieve better coverage, higher productivities by overcoming problems within difficult environments.

Main client advantages

Highest operational flexibility

Highest operational flexibility in congested/difficult areas

Reduced environmental footprint

Reduced environmental footprint
less opening
less crop damages,
better acceptance from local communities

More daily production

More daily production as the recording window is extended

No blind shooting

No blind shooting as compared to other wireless systems

Improvement of overall safety

Improvement of overall safety :
Man exposure

Noise monitoring solutions

Noise monitoring solutions