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We have worldwide experience in delivering seismic acquisition programs for a full range of applications, in any environment. From urban to jungle to open desert, we can provide agile solutions to overcome local constraints and optimize data quality and productivity to achieve your survey goals in a cost-effective manner.
All-Terrain Expertise
S3 group a massive experience in overcoming the difficulties of acquiring surveys in challenging conditions around the world. Today, frontier areas for natural resource exploration are increasingly complex, sensitive and operationally challenging whilst mature onshore basins are increasingly obstructed by urban and industrial infrastructure. Our current operational experience encompasses agile LiteSeis™ 2D and light 3D crews in urban, agricultural and jungle settings to mega-crews operating in open desert. We can provide coverage for shallow water areas and transition zones.

Whatever the environment, we draw on the latest equipment, proprietary technology and multi-disciplinary expertise to address the geographic and geophysical challenges to meet your seismic requirements, while minimizing the duration and environmental footprint of our operation.

Survey Design Excellence
We utilize multi-disciplinary teams with a broad range of geoscience expertise to evaluate and optimize survey design for your data requirements and specific application, respecting exclusion zones and sensitive areas and maximizing coverage within operational constraints.
  • Unmatched project management
  • Industry-leading resources
  • Flexible and adaptable survey configurations
  • Energetic cooperation and consultation with local communities
  • Unrivaled processing expertise and experience to complement all complex terrain survey types