Carbon capture

Capture the Carbon, Release the Future

Capture industrial CO2 is a key element to adress global warming. Once captured, this CO2 can be store permanently in the subsurface in favorable deep geological layers. Preserve future generations.

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Carbon neutrality still looks like an utopia to many. But everywhere in the world steps are made in that direction within the framework of plans to fight agains Greenhouse gases.

Once captured. CO2 must be stored in a site with a know potential, and proven seal. The characterization of the reservoir can be made by active and passive seismic methods. Ideal formations include deep saline aquifers, depleted oil or gas reservoirs, and unmineable coal seams. Caprock integrity prventing the upward migration of CO2 is vital.

Once a reservoir has been identified and injection of captures CO2 takes place, monitoring geophysical methods must take place before, during and after injection in order to validate the tightness of the geological unit storage. S³ worked with industrial and universities in Europe and South Africa on this key topic


Pilot Strategy

S³ has been working on this problematic  since its founding and has been partner of PilotStrategy European project led by BRGM.

R&D concept

Thanks to its unique high-productivity methods and R&D concept, we have been able to identify suitable geological formations for onshore underground carbon storage in the Paris Bassin.

Continuous monitoring

  also provides continuous monitoring solutions before and when CO2 injection begins. This is essential to ensure the effectiveness and safety of a storage site. Our unique set of solution mixing passive seismic and Seismovie 4D piezometer source help detect any potential leaks or changes in the reservoir conditions