New energies

Strategical Resources Finally Considered as such

Burn Hydrogene, you will get heat, water and no CO2. No wonder why interest is high.

Wave pattern


Hydrogene is the most abondant element across the universe. The most ecological form is the native, or “white” hydrogene that forms naturaly in ideal conditions of temperature, pressure, chemistry.

The challenges raised by this energy source are simple to describe :

  • understand its very formation mechanisms in the subsurface
  • Assess its potential in terms of volume at a given place
  • Capture it, store it and use it as needed.

This problematic is similar for other critical supplies such as Helium, a rare gas with few production sites scattered around the world, subject to geopolitical pressures.

Transform potential ressources into proven usable reserves in the energy market requires a greater knowledge of the subsurface where geological and geophysical surveys are bringing vital information. We are sonly seeing the tip of the iceberg.


S³ has been leading the way to explore new Helium and Hydrogene resources from 2021 in France, Brazil and South Africa, using key solutions to positively impact final data sets in tailored budget.

SRS™ Technology

To acquire blended high-fold / wide azimuth surveys in a record turnaround time.

Autonomous shooting in Vibroseis

In Vibroseis, Explosive and AirGun. Enhancing traditional productivities and allowing mix-surveys

Mix of passive and active seismic

With 3 component sensors and S-wave electronic vibrator to focus on wave analysis and capture the complete waveform produced by the source for a more comprehensive understanding of seismic waves when needed.

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