Oil & gas

The Good the Bad and The Ugly, all at once

If O&G is sometimes criticized nowadays, it remains the very most item the whole world cannot live without. No ressources identifed up to now has been able to be a real alternative that would allow to fully exit oil and gas, and it will remain strategic resources.

Wave pattern


While this is on the long term goal of international organization, Oil and Gas is here to stay and there is still a need for exploration.

It is well established that Oil and Gas exploration faces several key challenges to our societies, ranging from environmental to geopolitical, passing through economical and technical ones.

Addressing these challenges requires collaboration between all industry stakeholders, governments, regulators, and the scientific community. The goal is to foster a sustainable and responsible approach to oil and gas exploration.

On the other hand, discovering new oil and gas reserves becomes increasingly challenging as the easiest discoveries have been made.


A leading geophysical provider

From Dunes of Middle-East or North-Africa to Moutain Jungles of Papua New Guinea, S³ is a leading geophysical provider with reknown expertise by the most demanding Clients such as Shell, Exxon Mobile or Total Energies. We are able to operate millions traces / km2 survey or helicopter long-line operations over dense forest.

A mix of technologies and know how

We are specialized in finding appropriates solutions mixing technologies and know-how in the most complex environments. Large nodal acquisition facilitates ground operations but it requires a high expertise in data integrity management.

Regional player support

We also support regional player having assets to make the most of it through onsite and remote technical assistance, implementing high-productivities techniques.

Risk Management

These explorations also requires strong commitment to HSE from all employees on crews with an important number of people working in the most complex environments. S³ follows IAGC guidelines and maintains a continuous improvment policy, assessing risk and exposure, training its staff to implement correct working behaviors and risk managments.