Unearth Your Buried Treasure

Mining activity is the base of raw material supplies for numerous industries like aeronautics, electronics, chemistry, or agri-food business. This activity “from the past” is also the the one on which the enegry transition of today and tomorrow relies (electrical mobility, semi-conductors, wind energy, solar panels etc..)

Wave pattern


Critical Raw Materials are at the beginning of many industrial supply chains. While their global demand are increasing from 7 to 21 times by 2050, the average discovery depth is going deeper every year.

There is a global need for a secure, sustainable, and responsibly-sourced supply of raw materials, including from domestic sources to strengthen countries strategic autonomy. Zero Carbon economy taregt is oepning a new era in terms of critical raw materials


At S³ we are working towards developping and deploying new or improved highly efficient, sustainable exploration technologies, tailored to the geological context and targeted exploration depth, accessess and environmental constraints.

CSEM exploration

Demulitplying the capacity of traditional Electromagnetics Survey in terms of resolution and depth

Seismic Carpet shooting

On open-pit mine to image the orebody trhough our proprietary technologies.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Assisted geological exploration in remote areas to improve data collection in a cost-effective manner to previously inaccessible terrain