Underground gallery

Mind the Gap

Above and underground. Moles may be blind but they are the best to build galleries. Moles can’t see but they’re the best to explore the invisible world.

Wave pattern


What’s the carbon footprint of a Higgs boson? This one of the question that we may be able to answer with the Future Circular Collider study from CERN. FCC offers the most effective and comprehensive approach to thoroughly explore the open questions in modern particle physics and which expertise do they trust to validate the terrain in which it will be built ? S³ and its partners

Below the surface, a whole underground world is developing. Aiming at facilitatating human transportation, mitigating majors risks such as nuclear waste deposit or define a major scientific approach to increase humanity knowledge, Galleries are planned to be built as safe and controlled environment less exposed to surface risk and Geophysics is at the heart of soil investigation.


As geophysical experts, S³ have been selected by Institutions leading the Research on key topics such as ANDRA (French Nuclear waste disposal agency) and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Developing key R&D tools to develop a “language” by acoustic vibrations and trigger adequate actions in underground world or helping secure the world most advanced particule collider, S³ is a proud partner of those who are exploring Concepts and Technologies for The Next Generation.